Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A tree every month to every person on earth.

     A conflicting situation between developed countries and developing countries on the issue of whose responsible on the current dangerous thick level of gas emission in the atmosphere. Who will be expected to do and act more in stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations in our planet earth's atmosphere.

     We are running out of time. Let's work together before it is too late for us; too late for a tree we plant to grow because we might as well floating or emersed in a body of water and end-up landless. Just one tree we need every month to plant to each and everyone of us. Let's make our land green and holy. To commit ourselves and devote just a few moments to plant any tree at any space anywhere that is necessary.

     It always start on us to commit this simple and light responsibility that would benefit a decade or century long in order to at least slowing down the climate change. Help lessen the thickness of gas emissions above the sky atmosphere. At least reduce 2 to 4 degree celsius in our field temperature in the coming decade.

     If 1 million able people will plant a tree every month for a year, then there will be 12 million trees, and more if we continue this simple ritual. A simple light task that could lead to a great planet stabilization of the disturbed climate system, and a balance sea level on earth, then restoration of endanged habitat.

     A return of gratitude to our mother nature that we consumed. A value of learning and understanding nature, in order to prevent further consequences that already affect us greatly...and it coming back to us hurtly.